Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast

For around 2 years now I have given up eating any processed foods for breakfast – like cereal, flavored yogurts, PBJ (especially the J), juices, etc. Anything that might have added sugars was out. So I had to come up with innovative ideas for breakfast. This one struck when I was reading this recipe for a breakfast banana sundae on The Kitchn and I experimented and have perfected this one for me. You can customize this yourself and have a fruit and protein packed start.


  1. Ripe banana – 1
  2. Plain greek yogurt – 125 gm, about 1 cup
  3. Topping fruit – strawberries, bluberries, grapes – handful
  4. Toasted nuts – Sliced/chopped almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts – to garnish
  5. Dark chocolate – a hunk, chips or in any form


  1. Knife and cutting board
  2. Bowl and spoon to serve


  1. Cut the banana into coins and arrange in a single layer in the serving bowl
  2. Just run a spoon through the yogurt to make it smooth and top the bananas with it
  3. Shave some chocolate onto the yogurt
  4. Chop the topping fruit if necessary and pile it onto the yogurt
  5. Sprinkle the nuts and you are done.


  1. You can split the banana though the center instead of making coins and it can be a fancy breakfast
  2. I love dark chocolate on this but feel free to experiment
  3. Any fruit like apples, pears, peaches can go on this as topping
  4. The toppings can vary widely – I have used shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, museli
  5. 125 gm of Greek Yogurt could contain about 10 gm of protein depending on the brand. This breakfast kind of packs a punch!

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