Walnut Pesto and Goat Cheese Toast

Tapas is the treasure chest of appetizer gold that we brought home from our trip to Spain. They are very easy to put together and the most flexible food type. You can innovate and surprise yourself with the combinations that you come up with. This experiment has 2 sources of inspiration – tapas and a goat cheese and walnut pesto sandwich from Wichcraft.

Walnut Pesto and Goat Cheese Toast


  1. Toasted walnuts – 1/4th cup
  2. Chili oil – approximately 2 tbsp
  3.  Goat cheese – 1 small log
  4. Watercress – handful
  5. Bread – 4-5 slices, use wholemeal or some hearty bread
  6. Salt to taste


  1. Knife and cutting board
  2. Grinder or mortar and pestle
  3. Small bowl
  4. Spoon
  5. Plate to serve


  1. Prepare the pesto – grind the toasted walnuts into a coarse powder using the mortar and pestle. If you are using a grinder, pulse while grinding so that it doesn’t become too fine. Mix the ground walnuts, chili oil and salt (to taste) in the small bowl.
  2. Toast and cut the bread – Cut the crust off the bread, lightly toast it and cut it into squares.
  3. Top the bread with a layer of watercress.
  4. Cut the goat cheese log into little rounds and place them on the watercress.
  5. Top this off with a layer or dollop of the pesto.
  6. Arrange on a nice serving dish or a plate. This makes for awesome Instagram pictures. Click away!


  1. To toast the walnuts put them on a microwave safe dish, and microwave on high for 30 seconds at a time and letting them cool for 30 seconds in between till you see a layer of moisture on them. Let them cool after that. General rule of thumb is to keep tasting a piece once in a while to check if they are done.
  2. If you don’t have chili oil, use olive oil and chili powder.
  3. With guests that tend to have a spicy palate, this is a hit.

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